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Electronic Recycling

Lexington Electronic Recycling offers a wide variety of free electronic recycling services, including computer recycling, cell phone recycling and more.  We offer free pick-up to businesses, churches, schools and residences in the Greater Lexington Area.  Our mission is to provide a safe, secure, environmentally responsible solution to the dilemma of proper disposal for old electronics, computer systems, components and more.  Lexington Electronic Recycling offers a convenient, secure and affordable way to get rid of junk that might be taking up space in your closet, garage, basement, office or warehouse.  

Lexington Electronic Recycling will ensure that your electronics are recycled appropriately.  Unlike other recycling companies, we do not export any of our equipment outside the United States, ensuring that your used computers will never end up in a landfill or improperly discarded.  By recycling your obsolete electronics, you are doing your part to protect the environment and ensure reuse of valuable resources.  

Recycled electronics at Lexington Electronic Recycling include all of the following:

• Computers (including laptops, desktops, tablets and e-readers)
• Flat-screen televisions
• Cell phones
• Computer peripheral equipment
- Cables and cords
- Monitors
- Electronic keyboards
- Flat screen monitors
• Small electronic equipment
- Cable or satellite receivers\
- Digital converter boxes
- Modems, switches and satellite boxes
• Small scale servers

All items are broken down and the components are sold as scrap or recycled.  We do not resell any items received.  You will not see your items on eBay.  We only use approved and certified vendors to further process these recyclable materials.

Lexington Electronic Recycling  is equipped to handle any size job.  Businesses, medical facilities, schools and individuals in Lexington, Kentucky have a safe, EPA compliant option for recycling unwanted or non-working computers, laptops, cell phones, PCs and electronics.  Although it may not seem obvious, electronic scrap (e-scrap) is in fact hazardous to both human and environmental health.  E-scrap not only takes up space in landfills, but it is a major source of toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, cadmium, zinc, beryllium, nickel and brominated flame retardants, all of which can leach into the environment.  Rapid advances in computer technology mean that we as consumers are continually upgrading and increasingly discarding.  

Lexington Electronic Recycling does not recycle the following:
• Any motor vehicle or any part thereof
• Cameras or video cameras
• Cash registers
• Commercial medical equipment
• Control instrument systems
• CRT (Tube) – monitors and televisions
• Dishwashers
• Global positioning systems (GPS)
• Household appliances
• Medical devices
• Portable or stationary radios
• Telephones of any type
• Washers and dryers

Lexington Electronic Recycling offers the following services:
• Free pick-up and on-site assessment of electronic items
• Certificate of hard-drive destruction
• A great fundraising option for local charitable organizations
• Tax deduction available through several local charitable organizations
• Portable scales to weigh electronic scrap for purchasing
• Purchase of various circuit boards

Lexington Electronic Recycling has three drop-off locations:

• Computer Services of KY, LLC | 3910 Lexington Road | Paris
• Ross Technology Group | 1106 Winchester Road | Lexington
• Device Pitstop | 2200 Nicholasville Road – Suite 162 | Lexington

When it comes to electronic recycling, Lexington Electronic Recycling is the solution.