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Cell Phone Recycling

When it comes to cell phone recycling, Lexington Electronic Recycling is the answer.  We have three convenient drop-off locations:

• Computer Services of KY, LLC | 3910 Lexington Road | Paris
• Ross Technology Group | 1106 Winchester Road | Lexington
• Device Pitstop | 2200 Nicholasville Road – Suite 162 | Lexington

Nine in ten American adults own a mobile phone, according to the Pew Internet Project, and of those nearly half own smartphones.  A cell phone’s shelf life is only about 24 months for the average consumer.  This means that newer cell phone models are constantly put up on the market to replace older cell phones.  With Apple and other phone makers constantly upgrading their models, you’ve probably got an older mobile phone, or several, gathering dust in a desk drawer.  It is estimated that more than 140 million cell phones are currently stockpiling in US homes.  It is estimated that up to 75 percent of obsolete cell phones are stockpiled in drawers by people who don’t know what else to do with them.  Perhaps you are the type person who simply wants to throw away your phone in the trash bin, which means your phone will end up in a landfill. Americans toss millions of cell phones each year in favor of newer technology and all those discarded phones may be taking a toll on the environment.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends recycling cell phones to help keep waste out of landfills.  

Electronic scrap accounts for 70% of the overall toxic waste currently found in landfills. Most cell phones contain precious metals and plastics that can be recycled to save energy.  Cell phone coatings are typically made of lead, which is a toxic chemical.  The circuit board on cell phones can be made of copper, gold, lead, zinc, beryllium, tantalum, coltan and other raw materials. This is why it is important to recycle old cell phones and source these increasingly scarce materials whenever possible.  If you simply throw your old cell phone away, these materials may no longer be put to good use.  They may even have detrimental effects to the environment.  If you choose to recycle, these substances can be used to create earth-friendly gadgets which can be made from reused materials.  Electronic waste is a global problem.  It is important for cell phone users to dispose of and recycle their devices responsibly.  This is a great method if your phone is dead or no longer works well.  According to studies conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recycling one million cell phones is equivalent to removing 33 cars from the road for one year in terms of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Four great reasons to recycle your old cell phone:

• For the environment
• Clutter free your house
• Donate it to a charity
• Recycling for the parts

Lexington Electronic Recycling will ensure that your old cell phones are recycled properly.  Unlike other recycling companies, we do not export any of our equipment outside the United States, ensuring that your used cell phones will never end up in a landfill or improperly discarded.  By recycling your obsolete cell phone, you are doing your part to protect the environment and ensuring reuse of valuable resources.  

Lexington Electronic Recycling advises to protect the personal information on your old cell phone by following a few simple steps before recycling:

•  Cancel any service agreements you have on your old cell phone.
   Contact your service provider to make certain your old cell phone is no longer    
   hooked to any contract number associated with your personal information.

•  Remove the subscriber identification module (SIM) from your old cell phone.  
            The SIM card is a removable memory chip that stores contact information that 
             you have saved to it. 
•  Double-check that you have deleted all names, phone numbers, addresses and     
             other personal information from your old cell phone.  

Cell phone recycling at Lexington Electronic Recycling is easy.  Contact Lexington Electronic Recycling with your questions at LexingtonElectronicRecycling.com or call us at (859) 279-1195.